How to activate Assigned to me in Project for the Web (Preview)?

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I see that the Assigned to Me feature for Project for the Web is still in Preview with an expected general availability in August. 

We are trying to activate the feature in Preview, but we can’t find it. Which admin center or portal should we be checking? Is it a Power Platform preview feature or maybe a Planner or Teams preview feature?

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We are having the same problem.  Any progress on solving this? @Andrew_James_Cook 

Andrew and all --

Regarding seeing the Preview of the new features in Project for the Web, I believe this is something your M365 administrator has to set up for your organization. I do not participate in the Preview program, so I cannot see the preview of any upcoming new features.

Regarding the Assigned to Me feature, I am not yet able to see this feature in Project for the Web. I take Microsoft's release dates with a "grain of salt" so to speak. Let's just say it will be released yet this month, or maybe sometime next month.

Also, I do not work for Microsoft, nor do I have any insider knowledge about new features in the software and when they will be released to the user community. Please keep in mind that I am just a volunteer in this forum, trying to help people. Hope this helps.

@SDHSynSci No, no progress yet. We have raised a ticket with Microsoft to find out. 

Even our admins are unable to find where to activate the preview feature.
Did you ever get a reply from Microsoft? This is holding us up too.

@MarkR2185  Did you ever figure this out? Was this ever rolled out?


No. In fact it looks like they reset the Roadmap entry. I tried to get somebody from Microsoft to clarify when it would be available or how to get the preview but that was a waste of time.

 This view appears in the app of their choice – Planner, Tasks in Teams, or ToDo.  This item will be republished in the future with updated information.

All --

I would surmise that the latest news means this feature is not going to be available any time soon. And as a Project MVP for the last 20 years, I regret that I have no insider information to share with you about this feature. The best I can tell you is that it will be available when it is available. Sorry, but hope this helps.