how do you deifne a milestone in project for web

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I see features defined for project for web that indicate that milestones are supported.  When I use bing chat and ask how to set a milestone in project for web I get instructions that indicate there should be a milestone checkbox on the information panel for a task.  However, I don't see one.   How do you set a task to be a milestone in project for web?

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Hello @BradyGuyC18 

Set the duration to be 0:



It sounds like Bing Chat is referring to Project Desktop / Project Online, not Project for the web.


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so I discovered that a task is marked as a milestone in project for web, if you set the duration to zero and there are no subtask. I think I misunderstood the concept of milestone in project. The problem with this method is that you can accidentally get milestones in your project that you did not mean to be milestones if you don't populate all the data when setting up a task. I was able to figure some of this out looking at the data through powerBI. Thanks for the response.