How do I report (Power BI) on vacation days in Resource Calendar (Project Online)

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I'm trying to report on remaining vacation days in Power BI when connected to Project Online. 

Resources report their requested vacation days via their timesheet, and once approved, their resource calendar gets updated automatically. We have a resource field which shows the annual entitlement, so as these entitlement days are consumed I want to then report on the remaining days that each resource would have available. However I am really struggling to find the right data in the tables that would provide me with the approved vacation days taken/booked so far.   Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Hello @Alison Howes ,

This data is available in the ProjectServer API (_api/ProjectServer). For example:


Replace the {resouceGuid} with the resource GUID for the resource you want to check.


@Paul Mather Thanks Paul, I'll check that out! :) 


Thank you, thats exactly what I've been looking for too! ;)

but alas, I have no idea what this is called in my french langauge environment, there seems to be only one entry for calendar and thats the company one I created, I have real troubles finding the localized regional tables :facepalm: