How Do I Interpret This Overallocation in Resource Usage View

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I have a project where I have 3 developers assigned to work on tasks each at 50% for a total of 150%. So I set up just a single resource and assigned the units at 150%.  I assigned the resources to the tasks and I just don't know what to make of what I'm looking at on how I overallocated 3 people.  Can someone help me interpret what this resource usage overallocation view means?




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It's not quite clear how you assigned the resources (I can't quite duplicate what you show) but, display the Work Availability field along with the Work and Overallocation. With a Max Unit value of 150%, you have 60h available in a normal 5 day workweek. However, as shown in your screen shot, the total work content for one week is 100h so therefore the 3 guy resource is overallocated 40h.



I don't see a filed I can add that is called "Work Availability". Work and Overallocation fields are already displayed. I guess maybe what I can do is somehow use this resource usage info to determine additional resource requirements needed? So how would I determine the number of resources needed based on the amount of work shown in the resource usage that would result in eliminating the overallocation?
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Navigate to the Resource Sheet view in this project, and then set the Max. Units value to 300% for the RPA Developers resource. This is based on the assumption that you have three RPA developers available to work up to full-time on this project (100% x 3 developers = 300%). Reapply the Resource Usage view and now you will see the legitimate resource overallocations in your project. Hope this additional information helps.
When you say you can't find the Work Availability field (filed) are you looking in the Details (right side of Usage view) or the static data (left side of the Usage view)? Work Availability is only available in the Details list.

Nonetheless, try Dale's suggestion as I would also recommend setting the resource group's Max Units to 300%..

Ok I found work Availability. I had to right click and select Detail Styles that displays additional fields that can be added to the details pane. I can't set resource usage to 300% though because the 3 resources are not available 100% each day to work on the project, they have to split their day up working on multiple projects so unless they tell me what their actual availability is, I make a scheduling assumption and plan that they are only available at most to work a half a day each on my project so that is 50% x 3 = 150%
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Glad you found the Work Availability field.

Okay, so among your three resources their total availability is 150% (max units). That translates to a total of 12h per day, or 60h per week. Any concurrent assignment over those limits will result in overallocation. Does that all make sense now?