How can I give access to a custom project group to view a project detail page

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Dear MVPs, Project experts and enthusiasts,

My project online is using Project server permissions. And there are a set of default user groups like project manager, team members and so on.

Now I have created a custom group called "Custom project manager". I'm using my "custom project manager" group to provide project manager access to my resources and I stopped using project manager.

And I have a project detail page called "TestPDP". Inside the Test PDP I have created a web part and embedded a powerBI report. I have also provided a link to this TestPDP in the quicklaunch.

I want only project managers to see this link in Quick launch. So I go to my "Custom project manager" group, In Global permissions I check the option “View Business Intelligence Link. And I make sure that this is unchecked for other users.

Result I get
Project managers are able to see this in quick launch but they do not have permissions to access the page.

Further I tried
I went to the concerned PDP and then went to permissions and I searched for "Custom project manager" group. I did not find it this group in the options. I can only see the default project groups.

How can I fix this issue? Is this a technical limitation or bug? or I'm I missing something here? do i have anything to do with sharepoint user groups or office groups here? How do I synchronize the custom project groups with the default ones? Please help me fix this.

Thanks in advance

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