Handling Project Baseline Updates When Rescheduling A Phase of Tasks

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How should I handle updating the project baseline when I have a project phase consisting of many tasks that now cannot start until after a certain date and have all been rescheduled to start in January 2023.  Another twist is that some of the tasks in this phase were subtasks under upcoming Iteration Summary Tasks occurring this year. 


Is it best to set a new baseline like Baseline 1 on the Entire Project, or just update the Baseline for just selected tasks and do I check both the Rollup to All Summary Tasks and From Subtasks to Selected Summary Tasks options?

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JBLT83 --

If it were me in this situation, I would baseline only the selected tasks in the Baseline (aka Baseline 0) set of fields, and select only the To All Summary Tasks option. Remember that Microsoft Project uses the Baseline set of fields by default to calculate all types of variance and to draw the gray Gantt bars in the Tracking Gantt view.

Perhaps others in this group have an alternate opinion and I would welcome their opinions on this matter as well. Hope this helps,