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Hi, I've been trying to find the answer to this question in many different places but have yet to see a clear answer. Here is my scenario: 

  1. I have Project Plan 3 and have create a new project in Project for the Web
  2. I have associated this project with an existing Office 365 group in my tenant
  3. The O365 group has 3 internal users and 3 guest users - the guest users can log in and view SharePoint, Teams, etc. resources associated with the Office 365 group. 
  4. The guest users do not show up as members in the project; only the users in the tenant show up as being able to be assigned in the project. 

Am I missing something, or is guest collaboration not possible yet with Project for the Web?

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@Bynum Hoekstra At this time, Project for the web does not support guest users. 

@jackieduong Thank you for the fast response! Do you have any idea of whether this is on the roadmap for future development? 

@Bynum Hoekstra Currently we're tracking asks for it but do not have it on our roadmap. Feel free to give it a vote on our UserVoice:

@jackieduong thank you!

Has there been any change in this. I need to get users outside my organization in our project plan.

Is it possible to achieve this by adding project for the web licenses to the guest users? What options are out there to allow guest users to update and be assigned to projects from project for the web?

Hi all. I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd share what I've recently found.

As far as I know, it's still not possible to give external / guest users access to a Project for the Web plan unfortunately. BUT, that's all due to change in January 2022 (!):

There's a few other great improvements which have been released or are on their way:

In the meantime, you can actually assign tasks to Guest users now by following these instructions. They just won't have access to the plan until the changes mentioned above are implemented:

I hope this helps.