Grouping MS Project by Individual Resource in Task Usage View

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I am using MS project to create project plans with tasks that often require more than one resource. I am grouping these tasks into stages. I want to be able to open each stage, and see which resource is used for that stage. This way, I don't have to go into each individual task to figure out how much time somebody is needed for: I can just go to different stages to see how the resources are allocated at a higher level. I run into a problem when I allocate two resources, resource a and resource b to one task, because it seems to create a new resource, "resource a, resource b", and assigns this resource to the stage rollup. I want to see each individual resource allocated to this rollup, even when there are two resources assigned to a task. Thus, if resource a is assigned 50% of a 2 day task, and resource b is assigned 50% of a 2 day task, I want to see resource a: 1 day, resource b: 1 day, not resource a, resource b: 2 days. Is this possible? 

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Yes, that information is directly available in the Resource Usage view.