Granting users access to view the Project Schedule within Project Online

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We have users that are part of a project team but may not necessarily be assigned tasks on the plan. How can we grant them access to view the project schedule from within Project Online? I'm talking about the section under Project Details.

Thank you.
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Hello @John Passaro ,

This will depend on the Permission mode your PWA site in using. If in the Project Permission mode you can use the direct Project Permissions as seen below:



Or you can update the Project permission model in the PWA Settings page.


You can check the permission mode used in the PWA settings --> Advanced Server Settings:


If in the SharePoint permission mode you would need to add them to another permission group but that would give them access to more projects that just the one.

Many thanks


John --

Have you tried adding these users to the project team using the Build Team dialog in Microsoft Project? You can add them to the project team, but not assign them to tasks, which will give them access to the project information in PWA. Just a thought. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thank you. I will try that.  I want to avoid creating a custom security group for each project just to allow them to see the Schedule (when clicking the Project Name link in Project Center).  I have granted users access to the Project Sites, but can't seem to find the setting to grant access to view the Gantt Schedule within pwa.

I tried both options above and some of my team members still cannot see the project schedule. They can see everything else, though, which is odd (Project Details, Project Information and even Project Site), but not Project Scehdule.