Grant access to project resources on the SharePoint site associated to the project

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How can I grant access automatically to project resources on the SharePoint site associated to an Enterprise project (created automatically during Enterprise project creation).


NB: permission used in PWA is SharePoint permission




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Fady --

First of all, you need to change your PWA to Project Permissions Mode, which will provide the permissions granularity that you need. Once you have done this, Project Web App will grant SharePoint permissions to users as follows:

1. The Project Manager of a published project will have full access to the SharePoint site for the project.

2. Team members that are assigned to tasks in a published project will have Read/Write access to all objects in the SharePoint site for that project.

3. Executives will have View-Only access to the objects in the SharePoint site for every project.

Hope this helps.
Thank you Dale for your reply.
shall I do the assignment of the resources pool I have to the security groups first or any project resource will be assigned to the correct security group? I'm talking about the existing projects as well as the new ones? in another words, how this change will impact them the existing projects/resources and the new projects?
Fadyef --

Yes, it would be a very good idea to add your users to the correct security groups first. Then, each existing project will need to be published. Hope this helps.

Hello @Fadyef ,

Following on from Dale's great advice, you will also need to ensure that the "Sync User Permissions" is also enabled on the EPT settings as seen below:



Note that the user permissions are only synchronised for projects sites created inside the Project Web App site collection. 


Hi Dale, Thank you for your Reply! and sorry for being late providing you a feedback after trying the solution you have provided.

the Gap I faced that I'm using Enterprise project Templates with a predefined recourses. so what shall I do to reflect these recourses to the SharePoint permission as they are not automatically created?
  1. In other words PWA groups were not synched