Giving the Gantt Diagram in MS Project a title ?

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is it possible to give a Gantt Diagram in MS Project a title which is visible above the bars ?


Regards, mainze

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No, not in the screen display but you can put a title above the Gantt view when you print.
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mainze5 --

In his excellent reply, John has given you a good potential solution. The other solution, which I don't think you will like, is to click the Drawing pick list button in the Drawings section of the Gantt Chart Format ribbon, and to select the Text Box item. You can fill in the name of the project in the text box and place it wherever you want it in the Gantt Chart view. However, where things get messed up is when you zoom in our zoom out in the Gantt Chart view, which is why I think you probably won't like this option. But just an additional choice for you to solve this problem. Hope this helps.
Thanks, both of you for the reply. I am satisfied. Regards, mainze5


You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.