Getting values of "start" and "end" for a summary task

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I have trouble getting the value (the date) printed in "start" or "end" column for summary tasks. 

For some of the summary tasks i get "NC" or the starting date of the project.


Looking forward to your help

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First of all, what version of Project are you using (i.e. Project desktop, Project plan 1, 3 or 5, etc.)?

When you say "printed" do you mean what you see on your screen or what you see when you print?

Are your tasks auto-scheduled or manually scheduled?

A screen shot would be extremely helpful.


First of all thanks for you answer


I use Project desktop version 2301 build 16026.20200


Below you can see a printscreen


A littrle bit of explanations here

"Début" means "start",

"Fin" means  "End"


"Copie ? début" is a date-type custom fiels with a formula [Copie ? début] = [début]

"Copie ? fin is a date-type custom fiels with a formula [Copie ? fin] = [fin]


I also tried with start-type custom field but it still didn't work


As you can see, fo my summary task Marché GOF

the value of "Copie ? début " should be 27-02-23, and i get "03-02-20"

the value of "Copie ? début " should be 06-07-23, and i get "NC"




Capture d’écran 2023-03-01 164003.png

gautiercoadou --

Are you using Manually Scheduled tasks in your project? If so, change them to Auto Scheduled and let us know what happens. Thanks!

@gautiercoadou -

You missed one step in creating the formula in each of these two custom fields.  In the Custom Fields dialog, select one of the fields containing the formula and then select the Use Formula option in the middle of the dialog, such as shown below.  Do the same for the other formula as well.  Your formula should now work correctly in both of the custom fields.  Hope this helps.




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Thanks for the screen shot. It allowed me to understand and determine what is wrong. I think the issue is a simple matter of you forgetting to check the box to use the formula for "calculations for task and group summary rows" for your custom date field "Copie ? fin".

Thank you very much.
That was it, works like a charm



You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.