Getting Started with PWA and Reporting

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I have been granted access to PWA and have a plan 3 license.  Also the PWA instance/server has been setup for me.


I am trying to understand the basics of how I can get a report on resource utilisation across all projects.  Currently I have PM's who have project plans which are individually stored on sharepoint sites.  Is there a guide on how I can collate all of these into a report which shows what resources are utilised and by how much and also what future capacity planning might look like based on the data in MS Project ?


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richie9648 --

The first thing you will need to do is to set up your PMs in your Project Online instance and then have them move their projects into Project Online. They will also need to publish their projects as well. Then, you will need to download and install the free Power BI Report Pack for Project Online. The report pack includes a number of useful reports, including several that deal with resource utilization and resource availability. Hope this helps.
Here is a link to several free MSP Onlin Power BI templates on GitHub or
Once you open a PBI template it will ask for your site url then click Load. Review the reports and modify the model as needed, such as adding custom enterprise fields or removing unnecessary tables/field etc.

If you have any issues using the template let us know.