[Flow/Power Automate] Keep SharePoint List in sync with Project OData for all Projects

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I am hoping someone might be able to help steer me in the right direction, as I feel like I’ve become lost in arrays and data operations.


Basic summary: When a new Project is created, a Flow runs that creates a new item in a list (PWA2SP), with fields such as Project ID, Project Name, Project Site URL, Project Owner, Status, etc.


The issue: It is very common for the Owner/Project Manager to change on multiple projects each week, thus making the Owner field in the PWA2SP List out of sync with Project OData.


Goal: Build a flow that gets Project OData & Sharepoint list data, then using a data operation, finds Projects where the Owner is different between the List & OData, and updates all items in the list with mismatches.


I have bastardized my Flow, brute-attempting data operations, to the point it is too messy to be worth sharing.


I initially had it working with only using a specific, single ProjectID… but everything feel apart once I tried to compare all Project’s OData with all items in the List.


Below is a summary of the List Columns, OData Endpoints & OData/REST payloads I am using.


PWA2SP Data & Payloads.jpg

***Owner & ProjectOwnerID= the List Columns that needs to be updated if they do not match the OData values for ProjectOwnerName & ProjectOwnerId.



1. Get Items (from PWA2SP SharePoint list)

2. Main OData Payload [Send HTTP]

-Parse JSON

3. Resource Payload 1 or 2 (not sure which might most efficient) [Send HTTP]

-Parse JSON


What approach should I take with the arrays? Which data operations would work best? (Select, Filter Array, Conditions, Compose)


As I said, I understand the overall concept, and have achieved my desired goal, but only with 1 project at a time. And like I said, I've become so lost in a myriad of different combos of data operations & arrays, I feel like I am back at scratch.


Any help is greatly appreciated!





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