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I have more than 20 group resource on my project, so i need more flags to create a color for each. How can I add more flags?

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There is no way to expand the number of extra fields (e.g. Flag fields) in desktop versions of Project. Bu I see you have a tag for Project Server. With enterprise versions of Project (i.e. Server or Project Online), the number of extra fields is basically unlimited but since I do not use enterprise versions I can't tell you how to do it.

However, I have to ask, what exactly are you trying to do with the flags for your resource groups? Maybe there are alternate approaches that don't require a plethora of Flag fields.



Yes I got server version at work.


Im building a typical timeline for Construction Projects. My flags are to differentiate subcontractor’s task but a have more than 20.


Do you have a possible alternative?

When you say "typical timeline" are you referring to the TImeline display or the Gantt Bars?

You say more than 20. How many do you have?

Could you show us a screen shot of a few tasks to illustrate what you want?

Frosty666 --

From your description, it sounds like you want to use the Bar Styles dialog to automatically format Gantt bars for tasks assigned to different groups of resources. In this dialog, you have discovered a hard limit of no more than 20 custom Flag fields. Having Project Server or Project Online will not help you to overcome this problem because you CANNOT access custom enterprise Flag fields in the Bar Styles dialog. Sorry, but hope this helps.
Thanks for checking in. I know enterprise has the ability to create a ton of custom fields but I didn't know if that would help in this case. Apparently not. However, Frosty666 did contract me directly (via private message) and I have a method to get around the 20 Flag limit (see below). But, I'm trying to better understand his intent because keeping track of just a few different colors is hard enough much less 20 or even more as he think he needs/wants.

For reference, the way to get around the 20 Flag limit for setting up Gantt Bar styles is to instead customize each Gantt Bar. Manually that is a bear, but with a little VBA it's easy. However there is a formatting limit, I've run into it before but I don't recall the actual number.

If these are Gantt bar styles, you can continue defining colors after the 20 flags, conditional on the fulfillment of 2 flags at a time, for example (Flag1,Flag2=color x); (Flag1,Flag3=color y); ...
But you have to keep in mind that the bar style row that includes a two flag condition must be below the one flag condition.
I hope you find it useful.