file storage quota in Project Online

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I've read we need to be careful about keeping a small database size (2gb if I'm recalling correctly) for project data, but are there concerns with raising the storage quota for project sites / document libraries within PWA? Are there two different places to look at a quota?

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Thanks - I read through that and the linked pages more than a few times. I still can't make sense of how to enable more storage for project documents on the main pwa site or on subsites without affecting the 25 (not 2) gigabyte limit that would affect performance.


Would I be safe to assume that if I have Project Online, our SharePoint Online admins couldn't raise the limit that affects performance without involving Microsoft, but could raise the limit for general site collection things like document libraries, etc?

I think you meant 25 TB...that's the limit we have for a SPO Site Collection and it also applies to your PWA Site Collections. Of course, the more subsites you have in a site collection, the more possibilities you could have performance problems...but in theory since you are not supposed to use "heavy" features in your project sites such as publishing feature, structural navigation and so on, you should not have performance problems at all
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