Fever Curve on MS Project

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Can we make Fever Curve on MS-Project? or any other version or something similiar to it using which i can manage, Critical Chain and see the project changes.



If not, then what are the best possible adding for doing it on MS Project. Preferred are the free open source, otherwise suggest some other sources.

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Deepankar -- Wow, I really like that Fever Chart. I have never seen anything quite like it. I can tell you that there is nothing like this available by default in Microsoft Project, nor am I aware of any add-on software that would generate a chart like this for you. It appears in your screenshot that the Fever Chart was created in Microsoft Excel. If it were me, and I were required to create Fever Charts on a regular basis, I would probably export my project data to Excel and create the chart in that tools. But perhaps someone else has an idea for you. Hope this helps.