Fast modification of repetitive tasks

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Hi everyone. I hope there is a solution for my problem. I have a schedule in MS Project with some tasks repeated dozens of time. They are not performed regularly so i can't add them as recurring tasks. During the optimization i need to modify the duration of them but, since they are not linked to each other and there is no constraint of equality, i need to modify the duration by hand, one task at time. 

This operation is very time consuming, is there any strategy to optimize it? The best thing would be to modify only one operation duration and then the software update all equal tasks with the same operation automatically.

Thanks to everyone who can help me

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@RoBagl Maybe you can consider to "customized" it by consuming the Project Online API taken the data outside then manipulate it then bring it back again to update into the Project Online.

Hi @Ade_Budiman_Lim, thanks for the help and the answer. what do you mean for "by consuming the Project Online API taken the data outside" ?

@RoBagl What I want to explain earlier is I will create an integration between Project Online and Azure SQL Server by using API. Then you can use Azure Web Jobs for the synchronization or the data manipulation.

Hello @RoBagl ,

You might be able to write a Project VBA macro to do this if there are rules / logic you can follow. Programmatically you need to be able to identify which tasks to change and how to change them.