Exporting timesheet data (billable time) into other database in billing system

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Need to export timesheet data for billable time from Project Online into a 3rd party database for to provide billing data. 


Whats the best way ?   3rd party connector? 


I don't see any inbuilt tools to simply export timesheet data into a billing system automatically ?

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Hello @SimonLewis,

It will depend on the 3rd party billing system APIs, we can help you get the data out of Project Online with some examples but transforming the data into the correct format for the 3rd party billing system and them importing into that system will all depend on the API's that system has. Here is a simple PowerShell example for extracting Project Online timesheet data to CSV: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/extract-projectonline-or-projectserver-2013-2016-timesheet... 

It was written a few years ago now but should give you a good starting point if you wanted to go down the PowerShell option or C# option as the Project Online API would be used with any approach.


@Paul Mather 


yup would need to be the API so the devs here can write the interface into our other system 


do you have examples?






Hi @SimonLewis,

The linked provided would give the devs an example of how to get started extracting the timesheet data out of Project Online.