Exporting Project - Resource Usage table with phased time data to excel

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Hi Experts,

Is there a way to export tasks to excel while retaining the phased time cost data?



In an ideal world I would like to export this info and for it to look like this in excel:



Export wizard is not doing the trick. Good old copy paste is copying the Resource list, but not the time phase.

Any ideas?



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Martin --

There are two methods you could try:

1. Create a custom Visual Report in Microsoft Excel.

2. Write VBA code to do the export.

Regarding the second item, John - Project answers questions regularly in this user forum, often involving VBA code. Perhaps he will see this conversation and be able to offer you some guidance. Hope this helps.


I'm the John guy Dale referred to and yes I can help you with VBA to export Project timescaled data to Excel. I can write code to create the spreadsheet you show in your 2nd screen shot but I don't think that's really what you want. Look closely. The material resource "boiler floor space" shows 140 square meters which is correctly spread over 4 days in Project's Resource Usage view. Yet somehow, that 140 square meters has morphed into 175 square meters spread over 5 days on the Excel spreadsheet. Details, details.


I've done this very type of export for a ton of users and myself over the years. If you'd like my help with this, I suggest we work one-on-one via e-mail. I will ask some questions. My contact info is below.



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