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  I often have a need to export tasks from MS Project. I end up doing a copy-paste into excel, but that takes away the ability to collapse the summary tasks. It becomes a flat structure file. Plus, it does not exports the gantt chart. Another alternative is to export / print as pdf, 

        I am wondering if there is a better way to export in HTML where collapsing summary tasks can be preserved and the user can expand / collapse summary tasks. Better still gantt chart can also appear on html export. 


Another related question is whether Timeline can be exported in HTML ?

I have few parent level timeline task and a few child tasks of every parent task also added to timeline. Displaying all of these parent child tasks on timeline clutters the timeline. I was thinking whether there is a way to export timeline as HTML file with parents tasks have a little + displayed, which upon clicking shows the child tasks on timeline. 



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As far as I know you won't find anything in the Microsoft suite of applications that does what you want but a quick web search finds several third-party applications that claim to do what you need/want. You might want to check that out.


As far as a basic export of Project field data to Excel, there are better ways than copy/paste. The first is an export map but one thing an export map will not do is to preserve the full content of extended text in Project's Notes field. To work around that limitation, several years ago I wrote a macro for exporting Project data to Excel. You can check it out in this Wiki article:



But, as you already noted, the spreadsheet in Excel is a flat file. In order to include a feature to allow expanding/collapsing summary levels a macro in Excel is required.