Export a project as .mpp from Project Online

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Hi, I have a project created in Project Online and need to share the .mpp project file with a client. However, although there are options to export as Excel or PDF, I am unable to export to .mpp. Is exporting from Project Online to .mpp even possible?


I have been referring to this article - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/projectonline/connect-to-project-online-with-the-project-online-des... which looked promising. I am on a Mac but I have a colleague with a Windows laptop and he has Project Professional desktop client. Has anyone tried this approach? But I am unable to figure out the Project Server URL referred to in the article. I have tried the URL of my Project Online project but this doesn't work.


Any help here will be really appreciated.

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Hello @Meghanath1675 ,

As you have found you will need to use Microsoft Project Desktop on a Windows device to save out a project as an .mpp file. The URL to use will be use PWA homepage URL but remove the /default.aspx from the end.


@Paul Mather 

But if there is no PWA Website existing? You can also create Project on the Webs by just get the user a project license.


I have the same problem - 4 year - 850 days project. If i try to export from "the web" as PDF it is just garbage. If i try to export it to excel and import to Project Client - it has a different structure (why!! btw).


How can i easy switch back to Project Client to share "good looking" PDFs with my client?