EVM ,with only fixed cost as cost ,second baseline, actual cost manually

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Hi there,

i define 5 activities FS, and entered cost directly, I mean no resources defined, so if you insert fixed cost field you will see values in fixed cost field,

I changed “actual cost calculated by MS project” to “actual cost entered manually”.

then I set baseline, and entered %complete & physical %complete, and entered actual cost manually, so BCWS was calculated after setting  Baseline and is based on it. 

the problem is that, after actuals I decided to set second baseline (baseline1) and called “baseline1 cost” , and set earned value baseline on “baseline1” and amazingly the BCWS is calculated unusually and for 100% task in %complete, BCWS is “actual cost + fixed cost”.

please check it with cost only with fixed cost, and actual cost manually, and set second baseline to find out BCWS.



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