Error On Build Project After Upgrading Finance & Operation Version Dynamic 365

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After upgrading version from 10.0.22 to 10.0.30 an error occurred when build the project.

I have installed Visual Studio 2017(Version 15.9.33)


I have a single custom model which is integrated with my project. Projects build successfully before upgrade the version. But, after upgrade F&O version this error throws when I build my model.



The "BuildTask" task could not be initialized with its input parameters.



The "DeployOnline" parameter is not supported by the "BuildTask" task. Verify the parameter exists on the task, and it is a settable public instance property. 

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Muhammad --

I think John referred you to the wrong user forum. Following is the correct link to the Dynamics user forum:

I think you will find the resources you need in that forum. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard I have already posted a question on that platform.


Please update the Finanace and Operations (Dyanmics 365) extension in Visual Studio with relevant D365 F&O version. It solves an issue for me. I have updated with version shown in below screenshot.

Visusal Studio D365 F&O extension version detailVisusal Studio D365 F&O extension version detail



Please find and install the specific version of the D365 extension from the deployable package folder for the current PU version.