Enterprise custom fields not showing on PWA view?

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Hi there, 


I have enterprise custom fields loaded into projects I have created using the desktop application and have published it to PWA. However, when I look at my tasks in PWA with a custom view including the enterprise custom fields, it doesn't seem to pull through the same information on the desktop app. See below: 



I have re-published from the desktop app a few times, with no change 


Why would this be?

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Hi @BlissL,

The created enterprise custom fields doesn't have any issue as it a Task level field and I believe you are able to find view values in it when viewing the schedule.

However, the task page shows assignment of an resource (user). So, please add values at assignment level by opening project in desktop app and using Task Usage view.

Give similar value against resource name also and then it will be reflected in Task page. Sure, it will work this time.





BlissL --

The view you are showing in PWA is the Tasks page. Oddly enough, the tasks shown for a user on this page are actually ASSIGNMENTS and not tasks, which is why you do not see values for the custom Task fields. To resolve this problem, open the first custom field for editing in PWA. In the Calculation for Assignment rows section the Edit Custom Field page, select the Roll Down, Unless Manually Scheduled option. And then click the Save button. You will need to do the same steps for each of the other custom fields that you need to display in the Tasks page. Once finished, ask your PMs to open and republish each of their enterprise projects. After completing these steps, the custom field values should now be displayed in the Tasks page in PWA. Hope this helps.