Edit in Project Professional button greyed out on Task Ribbon in PWA

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I have created a project in Project Professional which I have published in PWA. I can open the project in PWA but I can't select the option to edit it in Project Professional because the Edit button is greyed out. I can also edit the Project in Project Professional, so the two are connected. Any ideas as to why the button would be greyed out? I imagine it is a permissions thing, but I just cannot figure out what is wrong.

Thank you.


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@ShelaghLennon we are experiencing this where I work and it started on about 6-13.  We have 9 users who cannot edit.  I was able to replicate with a test account. Did you come up with a solution?

@Run4it530 This resolved itself and I don't know why. I had initially converted the PWA site to Project Permission Mode and thought it might have messed with permissions, so I converted it back and that did not make any difference. The edit button has now come back for all of my projects. I had wondered if it was how you create a project, ie. if it was created in Project Online (creating an Enteprise Project) or in Project Professional, but that has not made a difference. I am pretty sure that no changes have been made to our SharePoint environment, so this one is a mystery. Sorry, I wish I could help.