Durations not changing when I add resources

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I am having an issue while assigning resources to tasks. 

I have set the tasks to fixed work as I want durations to change when I add resources. I set the work in hours and add resources (I only have 2 resources but add multiple units) and the duration should change. For some reason whenever I try to go back and adjust the resources the duration stays the same. I don't think I have changed any settings. If I delete the hours, resources and durations then add them back in it sets the duration right, but if I come back to the task to adjust again the duration wont change.

Please help, this is really getting frustrating and I cannot find an answer anywhere. 

Do you have to assign resources correctly the first time and then not change them? This doesn't seem right as I want to be able to adjust resources after I do it the first time. I would have thought I could go back and adjust resources as I please and Project would just keep adjusting the duration? 

I have taken snapshots to show the problem.

After initial assignment of resources duration and the split of work between resources is correct

Project issues A.JPG

"Electrician" increased by 1 unit but duration remains the same.

Project issues B.JPG

I delete the hours and resources to "reset" the task.

Project issues C.JPG

Set hours and resources and duration is set correctly

Project issues D.JPGAfter closing the assign resources window and performing another action I go back and try to adjust resources again and the duration stays the same

Project issues E.JPG

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Well, the duration does change, for the electrician resource. Take a look at the Task Usage view in this emulation of your highlighted task.


Now add two more electricians to the task. Note the duration for the electrician resource is reduced.


This issue is that you did not make any changes for the apprentice resource so that resource is still assigned over the full original duration which means the task still has a duration of 11.6 days. Project cannot make the autonomous decision to also reduce the apprentice assignment because "it" has no knowledge that an apprentice only works when a journeyman works, it's not the sophisticated.


If you want the duration for the task to be reduced, you will also need to adjust the apprentice resource.


Hope this helps.