Duration of group in percent over time

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Hi, this is maybe just a wishful thought.


I  want to make a simple schedule, (task name, taks duration, task start), and I want to group the tasks in a custom field, and then get Project to show me how much of the duration lies in each section of the period of time.


I have a custom field that is named after each type of work.

Then I plan my tasks, and in my custom field each task gets a name for the type of work.


Now if I group the schedule by the custom field, I can get a section for each type of work.

Here I get the first start date, the total duration (from start to end), and end date for each type of work.


Can I create a view that shows me how much total task duration lies in each week, or month?


In the end my goal is to get a projection that shows = this type of work stretches from january to april and has 10% planned in january, 25% in febuary, 30% in march and 35% planned in april.

using duration.


I imagine for this to function, I need:

- To group by a field (this is possible)

- To have a total duration (this is possible)

- To get a summary of how much duration is in each day, week or month ( so if there are two tasks with a duration this day it would count 2 parts (of the total) for this day.

I imagine I need to use, a task usage view (but these use the work not the duration), I 


I imagine this is a sidetrack and not a usual way of using Projcet, but if anyone would have any fun with it I would love to hear some thoughts about this.

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