Does PWA meet our needs?

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We are evaluating a number of MS solutions to see if we can find one solution that meets our needs, and have been extremely frustrated by MS offerings by their lack of integration and basic lack of functionality.  We cannot imagine our needs are unlike others.  To date we have evaluated the following MS tools... 


  • Sharepoint lists, tasks, and calendar'
  • MS Planner
  • MS Project Online/Essentials

We not evaluated PWA and before doing wanted to ask those in the forum if anyone can provide their opinion as to whether this tool will meet our needs. 


Q:  Will PWA meet our needs?


Here are our must requirements:


  • Can create lookup fields accessing data from a SharePoint list (we have SharePoint lists with 100+ rows of data that serve as fields
  • Can add and customize columns (test, number, choice, multiple choice)
  • Calendar / Gantt / List views
  • Predecessor relationships
  • Calendar and Gantt can be viewed either through SharePoint or Power BI, and can be merged with other calendars on Sharepoint as an integrated calendar to show all daily activities
  • The ability to filter calendar views (our projects are organized by department and work required - we'd like to see an integrated calendar with conditional formatting based on the department/work, and separate calendars for each)
  • Resource management from O365 members
  • Automation - emails triggered by changes to the project for the resources associated with the project

Thank you.

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Hello @Sniffer,

After a quick scan of your list of requirements and I would say that PWA is definitely worth evaluating. Project Online custom fields accessing SharePoint list data is not out of the box, that would be custom dev, but is possible.

Get a free trial and review. 


Sniffer --

In addition to the excellent reply from my colleague, Paul, I would say that all of your requirements can be met using either Project Online or Microsoft Project Server. However, if you are intended to implement either of these tools for your organization, I would kindly recommended that you enlist the services of a qualified Project Partner to assist your organization. Doing so will save you time, money, and frustration; and doing so will help you to get your system configured exactly per your requirements. My company, Projility, is one of many who could assist you (shameful advertisement). Hope this extra helps.