Desktop Project will not Import to Project Online

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I am having an issue where some of my desktop projects are not importing to Project Online.   Some files imported without issues, but others will not.  I saw an earlier post about this but there was no answer on how to fix the issue, just that it was fixed.  Any direction or assistance is appreciated.  


Desktop Version:   Microsoft® Project® Online Desktop Client MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20704) 64-bit


Message:  Correlation ID: 1328838d-274b-43bd-a20f-42e4d4671e45

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I don't have Project Online but from your version description it looks like your installation hasn't been updated for some time. I suggest you check for updates and install them.



I think I figured out my issue so I am posting incase someone else has the same problem. The files that would not load all had Baselines built in. I exported just the task data out to excel, reimported into project without the baseline. Now the file loads into Project Online without issue.
Okay, I'm glad you found a solution.
sshaffery --

Your situation is mighty odd. I was able to successfully import a project containing a baseline into Project for the Web (application to which you refer as "Project Online"). After the import, a dialog reported to me that baselines were removed from the project. So, you SHOULD be able to import baselined projects into Project for the Web, except the baseline will be removed during the import process.

Out of curiosity, what happens if you do the following:

1. Open any project that has been baselined in Microsoft Project.
2. Clear any existing baselines.
3. Click File > Save As and save the project using an alternate name for the import process only.
4. Import the project into Project for the Web.

Do you still get the import error that you reported previously? Please let us know. Thanks!

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It didn't work when I cleared the baseline in the original project file.  But I did the export to Excel and imported into a new project and then uploaded it and it worked.   There must be some setting in these original files that is just not compatible that is being cleared by this export/import process.   I only have a few of these projects so the manual process is not too cumbersome.   

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How do I do step 4 'import into Project for the web'? Thanks

Geraldine9g --

Navigate to Project Home ( Click the + New Project button at the top of the page. In the Create dialog, click the Import Project button. In the Import from Project desktop dialog, click the Choose .mpp file button. In the Open dialog, navigate to the location where you saved the Microsoft Project desktop file, select it, and then click the Open button. Project for the Web will import the project and then display an Import Complete dialog with a report about the import process. If there are features in the project that are not supported in Project for the Web, such as Baselines for example, the dialog will tell you that those features were removed during the import process. Hope this helps.
Thanks Dale. Once you have imported, the Project for the web project will be a standalone project. How can I share a Project designed in the desktop app to Project for the web so other users can contribute to the same project?
Geraldine9g --

You will need to create your project team in your Project for the Web project and then assign those team members to tasks. To create the project team, click the Group Members button in the upper right corner of the page and enter the names of your team members. Hope this helps.