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I've entered a row of dates in the form mo/da/year from 1/1/2023 to 12/31/2023, but a number of the dates show symbols #######, yet when the cursor is placed over the cell the proper date (ie. 1/10/2023shows in a pop-up box. There are sections with a series of the dates showing properly with others with a run of ####### in each cell leading eventually to another series of intelligible dates (ie. 4/10/2023). How can I get all of the dates to show properly (I've already wasted 90 min. trying to solve)?

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I think you're in the wrong forum. This forum is specifically for technical questions/issues with Microsoft Project, a planning and scheduling application.

Nonetheless, values in Excel worksheets will show as ##### if the column width is insufficient for the value. The simple solution is to find the largest value. In your case that would probably be 12/31/2023 so adjust the column width for the whole series to be as wide as necessary to show 12/31/2023. If you place your cursor over the vertical column divider and double click, Excel will automatically expand the column width so the value shows.


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