Customized view => Crash of Project 2016

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I used without problem for 20 years a personalized display consisting of 2 "combined" displays:
Primary view: Resource graph
Details pane: Gantt Chart.  (See Allocation view attached)
This view is very useful to help locate an overload problem.
But with Project Pro 2016, this display inevitably causes a Project crash. I tried on different PCs: always crashes.
Any idea?
Could an MVP escalate the problem to the developers?
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Robert --

As a courtesy, I reported this issue to my contacts within Microsoft. Hope this helps.
Hi Robert, Dale reached out to me - but as Project 2016 is no longer in mainstream support this isn't something we would look at fixing - and it if does still reproduce in a supported version we would likely need you to open a support ticket, as it might be very specific to either your data or machine configuration. For the support lifecycle information please see Best regards, Brian
Hi Dale, Hi Brian,
Thanks for your answers.
The issue happens also with "Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client" on several different machines.
Best regards