Customize column in Project Online

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Can I add customized columns in Project Online (like those start and finish columns), or is it exclusive to the desktop version? 

And if I add customised columns in desktop and export it to Online, will it show on the Online version?

Thanks for your help, always appreciate such speedy and responsive reply!

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allyally123 --

Yes, your Project Online application administrator can add custom fields to the system. He/she will need to start the process in PWA, however, using the Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables page. Once created, these custom enterprise fields become available to every project manager in every project they manage.

To answer your second question, if you create custom fields in Microsoft Project, those fields are local to only the project in which they are created, and are NOT available for use by other project managers. Hope this helps.
Thank you Dale for your swift response! Does the Enterprise Customer Fields and Lookup Table only appear in Project Detail page? Is it possible to add an additional column in Schedule (along with Work and Resource Name)? Really appreciate it :))
allyally123 --

Enterprise custom fields and lookup tables can be displayed in enterprise views in Microsoft Project and in detailed Project views in PWA. Your application administrator would need to create both types of views in order for PMs to see and use the custom fields and lookup tables. Hope this helps.