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I created a custom "Plan %" field, and I would like to show the overall "Plan %" for my subcontractor "Elite Comfort" in my report. The "Plan %" is able to roll up to summary task in Gantt Chart View, but when I go to Report>Project Overview, the overall "Plan %" is not showing anything for "Elite Comfort". Any idea what is the issue here?

Below is the link to the project file:

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Did you customize the report format to include the field you are using for your "planned %"? What field are you using?


I tried opening the attachment and nothing appears although I do see the file name says it is a "master". Are you working with a dynamic master file (I.e. file with inserted subprojects)?


For reference, I have a dynamic master file and included the Text2 field to the Gantt Chart view. I then opened the Project Overview Report and edited it to include the Text2 field. This is what I get:



Hi @John-project ,


Below is the Gantt Chart View of the file which include customize "Plan %":



The "Plan %" formula I use is as per below:



And under report, I would like to show the summary value of "Plan %"  for "Elite Comfort", which currently is not showing any value.


I think you will need to download the file in order to view it because currently google chrome dont have an extension that can open ms project file.


Hope you able to help me on this.


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Your screen shots are helpful and unfortunately do not provide all the information I need to help you. For example, I don't know what your field list settings are for the Project Overview report. The "Late tasks" table on the report shows a single line of a task with the Elite Comfort resource but that doesn't match up with any task line shown in the screen shot of your Gantt Chart. I do see you have selected the Text1 field but there is no information about filter, group, outline level, or sort, which are all part of the field list selections.

I cannot download your file because it is a view file only, not the actual Project file (i.e. .MPP). However you can send the file to me at the address below. I will ask some questions.
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Hi John,


The "Late tasks" table on the report shows a single line of a task with the Elite Comfort resource only because I'm trying to show a summary view of Elite Comfort current work status.


I had send the file to your email, but not sure if I send to the correct email.

Let me know if still havent received.


I had change the setting of the file in my share drive to be able to edit by anyone with a link. So maybe you can try the link again also if the file was not send to your email.


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Sorry, I did not get an e-mail from you and I still cannot download from the link you provided. However, I think I may have figured out what's wrong. Please show a screen shot of the Field List for the Project Overview report.


I'm guessing you have selected fields for "Resources" instead of fields for "Tasks". If so, then that's why you won't see any values for the Text1 field. The Task Text1 field is NOT the same field as the Resource Text1 field. Please refer to the following Wiki article: 


If that does not directly answer your question, then please try sending me the file again. Read the encoded e-mail address I provided carefully.



Tony --

Pardon me for bumping into this thread. I was able to download and open your Microsoft Project file, to view your custom fields, and to view the Project Overview report. I can confirm that I DO SEE the values for the Plan % custom fields. I have noted that there are summary tasks at the first four outline levels in your project. What I recommend you do is to edit the field list for the Late Tasks table (you need to rename this table, by the way) to include the Name column (actually the Task Name column) in the table, and move the Name column to the left edge of the table. I would also recommend that you change the Outline Level value to Level 4. This will allow you to see the Plan % values for each summary task. Hope this helps.


Hi Dale,

Thanks for your time to help check out my file also. By the way, not sure how you can see the value for Plan % as from my side, i dont see any value there.



I dont want to see the Plan% for each task, but I want to see "Elite Comfort" summary of "Plan %" for the whole project. In future I want to add in other task and resources, and then I want to compare how each resources is doing in term of their "Plan%" for the whole project and their Delay or Ahead Percentage.


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Hi, below is the screenshot of Field List, I selected Resources Names for Tasks list. Not sure if this is the reason the value is not showing.


By the way I had try to email you again, I think I manage to decode your email this time.


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I got your e-mail and your attached file. I sent a response back but basically the Project Overview works fine for me when I view your file.