Custom field (enterprise) not awailable in timesheet view

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created custom field. field info in picture.


field is available in my assignments view, but not available in my timesheet view. how do I make it available in my timesheet view?



i need it specifically in my timesheet view to make timesheet represent exact structured task sequence of projects, otherwise its complete mess and everyone hates it.




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@dashes_and_underscores I just tested this and fields based on formulas were not available to be added to the My Timesheet view.

Also if you've already opened your timesheet, you will not see any changes made afterwards to any of the timesheet views.  To see the view changes, go to Manage Timesheets, select the timesheet, click Delete then reopen it.

@RFrommthanks for quick reply and useful information. I was trying to make timesheet structure  represent project structure, to avoid confusion when tasks are shuffled our of order (e.g. sorted alphabetically by task name which in my opinion requires strict task naming conventions to be useful in project management and time reporting applications). 

I can sort tasks inside groups by WBS, which put then to correct order inside groups.

Grouping by task hierarchy is kind of what i need, but these hierarchy groups are also sorted alphabetically. Is it possible to change group sorting?


It would be perfect to sort task hierarchy groups by WBS of summary task or something other to get correct order of task groups.


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@dashes_and_underscores Your options are somewhat limited, but try out different Format View settings and see if you can get desired results.  Good luck.