Cross-project dependencies with subprojects in a master project not working


Hi there, 


I am currently trying to link some sub-projects as part of a master project, and am following the instructions in the below screenshot after a quick google. 



However, this file syntax doesn't seem to be working and I keep getting this error. I have tried the filename with and without .mpp on the end with the same results. 




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BlissL --

Refer to the following blog post article which I wrote while I worked for Sensei Project Solutions:

You will find that the method I describe in the article works as desired. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thank you, I just have another query off the back of that - 


Another question - I have created project schedules for each stage of the NPD process - i.e., separate file for Scoping, separate file for Development, separate file for Production Execution 


I have been using the linked instructions to link these projects together into a master project file, and I have saved this temporary master project as a template file called "Local Manufacturing". 


We have many different project types so I've created another 'master template file' called Import FOB, which uses the same Scoping file as in "Local Manufacturing" but a different Development & Production Execution file. I have again linked these projects together and saved the temporary master project. 


I've tried to create another template master file, but now it's giving me errors. Do I need to resave all the project files as templates and then create the "master files"? Would what I'm doing actually work?



Thank you in advance!

BlissL --

You cannot save a master project as a template. You can save each of the subprojects as templates, however. Whenever you want to create a new master project, you will need to follow this process:

1. Create each of the subprojects from the templates you saved.
2. Create a new blank project.
3. Insert the subprojects into the new blank project to make it a master project.

Hope this helps.