Critical path in P4W

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I can see that P4W does not support Critial Path What is Project for the web? - Microsoft Support, but I can see Critial Path by enable this option as picture


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daibt --

Critical Path is a feature that was added to Project for the Web in the last year or so. I suspect that the article you reference was written BEFORE the Critical Path feature was added to Project for the Web. Remember that this software is in continuous development, with new features being added every month or two. Hope this helps.
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That means Microsoft did not update document

Hey @daibt,

To add to this, the Critical Path feature in P4W is available for users with Project Plan 3 or higher: 


@Paul Mather 


Thanks for your document, that help me to make sure that Project Plan 3, 5 support Critical Path only

You're welcome @daibt , please mark a response as the answer when you get a chance so that it helps others.