Creating Manpower Schedule using Project

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Hello all, first time posting a question here and i appreciate any help!


So, my company wants to use microsoft project not to track task durations or schedule, but to assign manpower (employees personel etc,) to a given area. The areas are broken down by the general contractor, and we wouod use their format for location and duration per location, to come up with our own schedule; how many people are needed per area, and per contractors given duration to us.




Contractor's original schedule says:

Area A - Framing walls - 5 days given to complete the task.


Internally: Area A has been estimated to take 10 days - So manpower needed are 2 people in that area to complete within 5 days - 10 days/man divided by 5 days = 2 men


My question is, how can i alter my schedule, and in my resource usage view, to show this information? Currently my resource usage shows me the areas, but it also shows me "hours" instead of number of men.


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eskirjeh --

In the Resource Usage view, right-click anywhere in the timephased grid on the right side of the view, and select the Detail Styles item on the shortcut menu. In the Detail Styles dialog, click the Work item in the list on the right and then click the Hide button to remove the Work row. In the list of available fields on the left side of the dialog, select the Peak Units field and then click the Show button. Click the OK button to close the dialog and apply the changes to the timephased grid. The Peak Units row will show you the manpower needed for each role by time period, where 100% represents one full-time worker, 200% represents two full-time workers, etc. Hope this helps.