Creating a work breakdown structure

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Hello there!


So I am completely new to Ms Project Professional 2021 (Project in general) and I have been wondering if there is an option to create a graphic for the structure of a project,

where the project is divided into several phases which in turn are divided into small work packages.

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Well, what is your idea of a "graphic" for the structure?

As far as dividing a project into phases I suggest you define the phases (summary lines) at outline level 1 and then create the work packages (performance tasks) at outline level 2 under each summary. You many want to further indent sub-sections under each summary if that facilitates a better "graphic".

Keep in mind that summary lines are NOT tasks, they are simply a summary of the subtasks (performance tasks) under them. Summary lines should have no links (predecessors/successors) and no resources assigned.

As far as the work breakdown structure, Project automatically creates a WBS field based on the indenture but that field is also user definable.

There is a whole lot more to learn about Project but based on your limited question, hopefully the above gives you a starting point.


I'd propose you to look at example how project plan are created, it would be much easier for you to undertsand: