Create/Edit/Delete Resource Engagements using MS Flow?

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Really want to take advantage of the Project OnLine Resource Engagements early-on in our Crawl/Walk Phase for Enterprise Resource Management.


But - what would be helpful is the ability to add users resource engagements to projects, edit existing engagements and potentially delete resource engagements.


WHY: Because for most of our Projects we have on average 25 resources (whether Generic or Named) and that means we’d be creating at least 25 separate resource engagements for every project.


This would help - with mass changing the start/stop Res Engagements for a Project when after the Portfolio review we actually determine that we need to move the Project Dates - or - 


Thanks for any insights!



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Hi @MonteStJohns

There are APIs for Resource engagements so there is no reason why you can't build a solution around resource engagements (I know of at least one partner that has done this before). Unfortunately I do not have any code samples that I can share at this time but if I do in the future I will publish these. You can review the classes in the Project Server CSOM API here: - see the Engagement* and Project Engagement* classes


Appreciate it Paul