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Trying to assign a new calandar template to a project. The calandar template is created in the project app in power apps.


Not posible to assign it and gets a Correlation ID is there a way to look-up Correlation ID thats is UID in a log database to aid in finding the cause of it?

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Hello @kblarsen ,

This won't be in the Data verse tables, you're best to open a support ticket with Microsoft via your Microsoft 365 tenant and provide the ID there.


@kblarsen Can you provide a screenshot of what you are doing, because it is possible to create new calendar templates and assign them to projects and resources.
Here is an article with additional information Create and apply a work calendar in Project for the web - Project for the web | Microsoft Learn

@RFromm Hi,


I am trying to do what you and the article are writting.

Have created a new template calendar as shown below:



When I try to select and use it in a project I get:



/PC, Kim






Thanks for info. Can try to go that way it see if support can look look up the corralation ID.


@kblarsen That error message is related to a bug, which I submitted to Microsoft. Currently if a project was created in Project Accelerator is opened from the Project Home page you have access to Calendar Setting that are not available in the Project Accelerator.  This can be very confusing. They are working on fixing this issue so the Calendar options are the same whether you are in the Accelerator, or open the project from the Project Home page..

To assign a different calendar to a project, go to your Project Accelerator, open the project then go to the Summary form and assign the new Calendar template as shown below



@RFromm Thanks for information.


Have tried that and can change the template, but in the project I cannot see any effekt in project plan.



The non-workdays set in teh template are still used as workdays



The sss task is plan in a non-working day periode.






@kblarsen Compare the assigned project calendars, to the calendar assigned to the resources on your project?  If they are different that could be the issue.  Also remember when you assign a calendar to a project or resource it applies a copy of the calendar.  If you later change the calendar you have to remove and reapply it for the changes to be applied (it's not dynamic).