copy paste problem in Project

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sometimes, when i copy from one item in my Project and paste it right below, the font changes----sometimes all items copied, sometimes not

the result is the attached errror pictured below.





one fix is closing the Project and reopening then adjusting the font sizes

it also get this error when i copy a single cell or even trying to shade a cell


can anyone relate?



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Wow, I haven't heard of that problem for several years. What version of Project are you using?

If you've done a lot of custom formatting, it's possible the file has some corruption. I suggest you save as XML and then re-open the XML file in Project. You will lose any custom formatting but it will give you a "clean slate".


Hey John,


thanks for the insight, i will have to try that.

i am using Version 2302 according to my account User Information.

does that make sense to you.

Version 2303 dates back to March of last year. The current version is 2309 with a click-to-run on the current channel. You might want to check for updates but I don't think that will make any difference with the issue you are experiencing. Let us know if the XML "reboot" process helps.