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The scenario is as follows: I'm having many subprojects that look almost exactly alike (i.e. only the names of some tasks differ but the structure is the same). Thats why all Project Files are usually copies of one single template. To generate a simple overview of the key tasks in every subproject I'm generating a master project with all subprojects included as linked, read-only subprojects.

The problem now is that Ms Projects is not able any more to distinguish between the same task in i.e. subproject a and b (and all that might follow). More specifically: If I add Task 1 from Subproject a to the timeline and then try to add Task 1 from Subproject b to the timeline the "Task 1" entry in the timeline vanishes.

I suspect there are IDs of every Task internal to MS Project that are duplicate in the master project because all subprojects are copies of the same template.

Does anyone know of this bug, a workaround (other than generating all subprojects manually wothout copying) or has maybe a hint what I'm doing wrong? Thanks and best regards!

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Creating each project from a template does leave a "tag" that "confuses" the pick list when attempting to display individual subproject tasks on the timeline of a dynamic master. Even though the task names may be different, genetically related tasks in different subprojects will still be identified by their original name. There are a couple of ways to work around this.

One, do not us the pick list to add or remove subproject tasks on the timeline. Instead select the "display on timeline" option in the Task Information window.

Two, open each subproject and do a Save As to a new name. When those projects are inserted into a dynamic master either as read only or not, the "tag" is broken such that you can use the pick list to add or remove individual tasks on the timeline.

Hope this helps.

That's it! Thank you
Is there a way to make this tag/id visible?


You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.


I imagine the "tag" exists somewhere in the internal workings of the operating system but where, or how to access it, I have no clue. I do know it is not available, or at least I've never found it, in the Project application itself. My knowledge of source and destination "tags" is based on many years of Project experience with linked structures and knowing what to do and not to do.