Connecting MS Project to MS Planner

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Hello, Im trying to connect MS Project to Planner tasks with a bidirectional sync.  Meaning the project manager using MS Project can update tasks and they post to Planner as well as the team members can update tasks in planner and they sync to the project file.  Does anyone have experience doing this?   Im learning about 2 solutions now PPM Works Sync service and FluentPro's Integration Hub.  Does anyone have any experience with these solutions?  Are there other solutions?  Is Microsoft planning to integrate these to platforms?

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Albert --

I am sorry to report to you that the interaction you are seeking between Microsoft Project and Planner does not exist. The Planner link that you can create in a Microsoft Project schedule is merely a hyperlink to the Planner project. There is no data sync between the two applications, nor am I aware of any way to enable synchronization. Sorry, but hope this helps.