Completed projects in P4W

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What do PM's typically do when they have completed all tasks in a project and close it out?  Is there a way to archive the project? Its a completed project so I dont want it on my list of active projects, but I dont want to delete it.  I would like to save it, maybe even by customer?

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Brian --

I am not aware of any default functionality in Project for the Web to archive a completed project and then to hide it from other users. Keep in mind that this tool is still in its infancy, so maybe someday this functionality will be added. Until then, what I would do personally is to export every completed project to a Microsoft Excel workbook and then save those workbooks in a SharePoint site or a OneDrive file folder. And then I would delete all completed projects so that you can focus on what work needs to be done yet. Just an idea for you. Perhaps the others in this group will have some ideas for you as well. Hope this helps.
If I were to "Export to Excel" a completed Project for the Web project, can that Excel file be reimported into Project for the Web for future use? Or can I convert the completed project into a .mpps file which can be opened by my installed Project client and then imported in Project for the Web.
Brian --

No, you would not be able to import the Excel work information back into Project for the Web. You would be able to import the data into the Microsoft Project, but it would require quite a bit of cleanup to the data to make it compatible with Microsoft Project. Hope this helps.