% completed depending on entered status

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Hi all,


I want my percentage completed to be automatically adjusted depending on the status.

I have created a dropdown column "status" and based on subsequent statuses the percentage completed should be automatically adjusted.


To start > 0%
In draft > 25%
Internal review > 40%
External review > 50%
In revision > 75%.
In approval > 90%.
Approved > 100%


So I'm looking for a formula that I can put after the % completed column, I guess.

Thank you!

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Sorry but you can't do a custom field formula for a built-in field such as the % Complete field.

Your "status" column appears to apply to a single all-encompassing task. It appears you's making a routine process more difficult. If instead you create a flow of tasks (e.g. start milestone, create draft, perform internal review, etc.), then it becomes a simple matter of taking credit as each major element is completed.


If the above suggestion doesn't work for you then perhaps a more detailed explanation of exactly what you are trying to accomplish will help us help you.