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Hello everyone !


I use MS project with the Project web app. When I save and close my project, Project asks me if I want to check in my project or keep it extracted.


I don't really understand the difference between the two and when I have to check in the project.
May someone help me?

Thanks in advance !!!

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Hello @Colin_Besserer ,

In Project Online / Project Server Project Web App (PWA), to edit a project you have to check out the project, when you open the project to edit, it checks out the project. This is to prevent another user with the correct access trying to edit the project at the same time. After editing, you Save your changes, then if you want them visible in reports / PWA, you also Publish the project. Once completed, close the project and check-in the project. You wouldn't typically leave a project checked out to you if you no longer needed to edit it. 

Hope that helps, Paul.