Changing task type in PWA Enterprise EPT

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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to change, in PWA, the default Task Type in for the Microsoft 'Enterprise Project' EPT. Because we have this 'Enterprise Project' EPT set to be our default EPT, we cannot assign a Project Plan Template to it. It is defaulting to a 'Take Type' of 'Fixed Unit' currently but we would like to set is to a default or 'Fixed Duration' at the task level.


Thank you.

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Rik_Cote --

I just did a quick test to research your problem. I created a new enterprise project using the built-in Enterprise Project EPT, then opened the newly created project in Microsoft Project. Then I created a new blank project in Microsoft Project, and compared the Project Options settings for the two projects. I found an odd mix of Options settings. Some of the settings in the new enterprise project (created from the EPT) MATCHED my Options settings for All New Projects, such as Display Options on the Advanced page. But other options in the new enterprise project (created from the EPT) DID NOT match my Options Settings for All New Projects, in particular, the Default Task Type setting on the Schedule page. What an odd mix of settings!

In my opinion, I think you would be wise to ABANDON your organization's use of the default Enterprise Project EPT. Instead, create a new enterprise project template that contains all of your organization's preferred options in the Project Options dialog, and then create a new EPT that uses this enterprise template. And then mandate that every PM should create their enterprise projects using the new preferred EPT. I think that would be the best way to make sure that everyone is using the proper Project Options settings. Just a thought. Hope this helps.