Changing default work hours for dragging items in Gantt/Team Planner view

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Hey all,


I've been racking my brain for days on this one and can't figure it out. I've changed the default work hours in my project to 9:30 -> 18:00.


I've done this:

  • In the Standard Calendar by changing the working hours for the [Default] Work Weeks
  • In the Schedule Options for this project and All New Projects
  • In the global Standard Calendar by copying my project one using the Organiser (this has no effect and is not recommended)

Despite all of this when I drag a task in the gantt or team planner view, when zoomed out to day level or higher, it schedules the task for 8am on the day I drag too.


Does anyone know of any way to change this behaviour?

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Brizee -- Click the Project tab and then click the Project Information dialog. In the State date field, add 9:30 AM to the date your project starts. That's the only step you missed. Hope this helps.
Hey Dale,
Thanks for the reply - I wasn't sure it was relevant so I omitted it in my first message but I've actually done that as well. I double-checked there as well to be sure.

Project Start Date at 9.30am and Status Date at 9.30am doesn't fix this.
As a curiosity, the Project Finish Date (which is readonly) is also 8am.
best response confirmed by Dale Howard (MVP)

Dale asked me to take a look at this and here is what I found.

This is an interesting issue. I can drag tasks around all day on the Gantt Chart view and they always pop right onto the correct 9:30 AM start time, but, if I try to drag on the Team Planner view, they always pop to the incorrect 8:00 AM.

Of course dragging tasks around normally results in a start-no-earlier-than constraint and if you look at the Constraint Date in Team Planner view the constraint date always takes on an 8:00 AM time. In the Team Planner view if you drag a task and then double click to open the Task Information and reset the constraint date time to 9:30 AM, it “sticks”. I had a couple instances that once the constraint date time was “corrected” for one task, that setting translated to other tasks, but not always.

Not sure it this helps much but at least it's another input.


This does help actually - I can confirm your finding that the Gantt view does correctly set the time now - one of the original steps must have fixed that and I've just been assuming I'll get the same behaviour from both.


It's obviously a little inconvenient but dragging tasks shouldn't be a super common operation - I can probably just remember to only do that via Gantt chart for now - whilst the context of the Team Planner is a bit nicer at times, this at least gets the job done without having to go into Task Usage and alter the hours each time (or modifying the constraint time, since you've pointed that out)


Hopefully the underlying bug is addressed some time soon though.




You're welcome and thanks for the feedback. One thing I should note. In your original post you indicated you changed the working times of the Standard calendar. If that is true then I'll tell you it is not good practice. Any modifications to the calendar should be done with a new custom calendar, which may be based on the Standard, but don't modify the Standard calendar itself.
Hey John,
Thanks yeah - this was very much a last resort change - in case some quirk of Project meant it was depending on those values instead of the project specific ones. I'll probably change it back.
In fact, I've updated the original post to indicate that shouldn't be replicated by anyone else discovering this later.