Change working Days in Project for the Web

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I have been exploring Project for the Web and came across a requirement of changing the working days around, as in Dubai weekends are usually Friday and Saturday therefore Sunday is considered the beginning of the week.


I couldn't figure out where this can be changed looking around in Project interface, Project and Resourcing Power Apps but had no luck.


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@oharbe this article should help with your need to change the calendar  Let me know if you have further questions.

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@Brian-Smith  used the documentation linked, made a new calendar template and a resource that was 24/7/365 and still unable to schedule on the weekends. 



You best get your admin to open a support ticket and we can look deeper. I assume you added the calendar after setting the working time in the template? When you assign a calendar it actually makes a copy of the template - and any further changes to the template do not make it to the plan unless the calendar is removed and a new copy assigned.